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Q. I want to do my survey in Google Forms, it is free and I can manage it myself.  Can you set it up for me?

A. Absolutely. In Google Forms the form you create is linked to a Google Sheet where all your responses are stored.  With these forms, and with a bit of programming knowledge, you can even customize the look and feel or automate it so you are informed every time someone completes it, or set it up so responders receive a report of their responses. Tallying a score is a bit trickier in free programs, but still doable in the backend via the Google sheet and some custom scripts.

Q. How do I decide which surveying software I need to use, I see I can sign up for free accounts with many online providers?

A. This decision, in our experience, is based on the type of survey you are conducting and your target audience; how basic or complex the survey is; your budget; and how you want to deploy the survey.

For example for a younger audience or to show you are a ‘fun’ company, your could use a platform such as Check out this simple survey we designed in a free account here.

If you want something more sophisticated with skips or scoring you will want to use a software solution such as or Free accounts often limit the number of questions, and complex scoring and skips are generally part of paid packages.

Click here to see an example.